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Automatic masturbator SVAKOM Alex Neo phone controlled

The revolutionary masturbator of tomorrow - SVAKOM ALEX NEO. New edition from the CONNEXTION SERIES collection. Controlled by telephone. 7 masturbation modes, 5 dream erotic scenes. Strong, customizable. More intense than other masturbators.

More informations
  • CONNEXTION SERIES with mobile control (NEO edition)
  • Fully automatic masturbation in the comfort of your home
  • Choose from 5 stunning scenes with audio output - 3.5mm jack output or built-in speaker
  • 7 powerful knockout regimes will lead you to the strongest orgasm
  • Masturbator made of ultra-fine TPE and intense texture that will take you on new adventures
  • Elegant design combining a transparent cover, a dark blue case and a modern masturbator shape
  • Very simple cleaning - Twist and Lock technology
  • Also suitable for men with larger penis - unique masturbator is elastic and adapts well
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Automatic masturbator SVAKOM Alex Neo phone controlled

"Let ALEX beat the meat for you. #AlexInWankerland"


Connextion Series

With the arrival of a new revolutionary edition, there are also many new tweaks. A bloated masturbator for men can now be controlled via the phone! Smart control through the application has never been easier. Whether you're looking forward to remote control, connecting to 2D interactive videos or an interactive webcam, you'll easily enjoy your dose of entertainment. The application gives you the power to catch up with yourself or your partner to the perfect climax. Enjoy a ride together, anytime, anywhere.

Interactive webcam

The new feature will be played mainly by active streamers and broadcasting webcam shows. Through the application you will remain more connected with your viewers. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Are you ready to discover a fantastic new world of male masturbation with the powerful masturbator SVAKOM ALEX? In that case, welcome to the Wankerland Empire!

Unique design of new revolutionary men's erotic toys, which is a complete novelty on the market. SVAKOM ALEX is a powerful masturbator that has been specially developed to satisfy men's tastes. This is the very first masturbator ever made by the popular SVAKOM brand. With a realistic feel, you can't resist every touch and succumb to its powerful power. Delightful experience with the best climax.

Premium material

SVAKOM ALEX is committed to making you feel like you are in heaven. To do this, he uses the best materials to relax and not worry about what you're wearing. The masturbation sleeve is made of ultra-fine TPE into which you immerse your penis. The exterior wall has a modern simple design, which seems to gently glow. Inside, however, there is an intense texture where you will have a lot to do to stay calm. With every insertion you will be a lot closer in an orgasm that you have not experienced.

The outer casing is a highly used hardened ABS plastic. It was designed with a coating that fits better in your hand, does not slip and is very pleasant. This material is used on the building block of the whole masturbator SVAKOM ALEX - the control unit with the masturbation engine. Further layers are attached to this one, this time made of transparent plastic. The overall impression is modern, elegant and still sexy.

Insertion in several ways

This awesome erotic toy for men hides a lot of pleasure. Could she be referred to as the masturbator of the future? Definitely yes! It hides so many experiences that you won't be surprised. Fully automatic engine offers 7 modes, characterized by different depth of penetration, frequency, rhythm, speed and overall intensity of masturbation. Everything controlled by a single button to change from gentle sucking like a blowjob, to a whirlwind of intense ecstasy of the senses as if you were the hottest nymphomaniac!

Once at school, and next time ...?

The small and yet great feature that SVAKOM ALEX offers is its own choice of scene. For lovers of fantastic experiences, this is a dream feature. 5 pre-set scenarios put you in the position of alpha male in various places around the world. Ever wanted to seduce your sexy high school teacher? You deserve it. Or enjoy making love with the waves of the sea, the fine sand and the sunset between her legs? Everything ready. How about spice up the life of a boring office job with her horny colleague, who will linger after you all day.

Some of the scenes to choose from include:

  • Office
  • Sex on the plane
  • Making love on the beach
  • Sensual adventure in nature
  • Satisfying your young desires in the high school classroom

All scenarios are accompanied by audio output. The main unit of the SVAKOM ALEX has a built-in speaker. If you want to make sure your neighbors don't share your adventures, he has a headphone jack on the other side. Just have headphones with a 3.5mm jack and you can start your fun.

Enter the fantastic world of Wankerland by holding the button through the speaker. Just close your eyes and start imagining your most secret desires.

Accumulator for demanding

The built-in battery will show you what it can do with you in 60 minutes. One climax? Where? Two? Well just add. You don't count that much on the fingers of one hand. The Po-Li 2200 mAh battery was used to power the SVAKOM ALEX automatic masturbator. It can run for over an hour on a full charge. Charging takes place via the supplied charging cable. One end plugs into the masturbator and the other end is USB-enabled so you can connect to almost anything. No problem starting to charge from your computer, power bank or adapter from your phone (not included). It takes about 5 hours to fully charge - ideal to recharge overnight or during the day at work / school.

Important features:

  • A Stunning Experience - 5 scenarios of the most wanted sexual fantasies of men
  • Ultimate pleasure - 7 intensive automatic insertion modes
  • Realistic touch - ultra soft material resembling human skin
  • Intense feeling - a complex inner structure of the masturbator sleeve with a slight grip technology
  • Long action - more than 60 minutes of fun on a full charge
  • Perfect fit - unique adaptable sleeve that fits on every penis
  • Easy cleaning - Twist & Lock design (twist and lock)

Details of ALEX:

  • Material: Ultra-fine TPE + ABS suitable for body contact
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 33.1 cm
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Battery: Rechargeable Po-Li battery 2200 mAh
  • Operating time: about 60 minutes
  • Charging time: approx. 5 hours
  • Automatic thrust modes: 7
  • Scenarios: 5

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