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Vacuum pumps

With a vacuum pump, the penis or vagina is beautifully perfused, swells up and you will enjoy the excitement from which the frost runs down your back. In addition, it can help men with erectile dysfunction (ED), prostate problems and sometimes even an enlarged penis.

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Using a vacuum pump for men is simple: through a rubber cuff (on some models, for example, in a realistic vagina), you insert the penis into the pump and the air begins to be sucked out.

This causes the penis to swell, perfuse and increase in width and length.

As you experience new feelings, you observe an increase in your pride on the scale through the clear body of the vacuum pump.

An erection ring should be used to maintain the effect after the penis is removed.

Throw yourself into action with a perfectly hard orgasm machine!

Vacuum penis pumps are manufactured in water and air versions.


ErosStar also offers vacuum pumps for women, which push a woman onto her lap. A vacuum is created by the suction balloon.

This makes the labia and clitoris perfectly perfused and becomes incredibly sensitive to stimulation.

Nipple suction cups work similarly.


Vacuum pumps will open the door to new fun unknown feelings.

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