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Butt Plugs

Please your partner, take off your skirt and show him the tomato anal plug in his ass. We guarantee that when he sees this view for the gods, he will never want another one. If you enjoy your fingers in your other hole during sex, you will fall in love with the anal plug.

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For the first time you will release only the surprised "uo!", The second time the inquisitive "mhmm" and for the third time only the longing "oh god yeessss".

Insertion of the anal plug is fun. Whether you use your own hand or a partner plays. This is really heated by, for example, an anal plug with a tail or anal jewelry. And what if you throw yourself into action.

Men will experience an intense feeling of tightness in the vagina and women will have to bite into a pillow to avoid waking up their neighbors. Those orgasms are so... fulfilling. And if you want to experience an even bigger rodeo, try the vibrating anal plug.

For those who have already explored this area of sex and want to push the boundaries of pleasure, we recommend expanding or inflatable anal plugs.

Classic anal plugs should not be missing in the bedroom of anyone who does not have their anal locked to ten west.

The ladies of the showwoman and the little bastard will love anal jewelry with a gem.

For men, the boundaries of pleasure are pushed by the anal plug for men or the prostate masseur and the erection ring in one.

But you will pass the anal games championship exam with vibrating anal plugs. The vibration combined with the stimulation of the buttocks will shoot you directly to the top and hold you there for a long time.

You can also control some models with your mobile phone. Does your partner deserve an orgasm for lunch? Press the button and enjoy the writhing in the best orgasm of your life while the people around you have no idea.

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