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Lubricants Water based

With lubricating gel, sex glides beautifully, smells and tastes, and when used correctly, elevates love to extraterrestrial heights. In addition, water-based lubricating gels have a natural composition, so there is no risk of irritation.

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Water-based lubricating gels are great when using various erotic toys, such as vibrators or dildos.

At the same time, however, they make the moments of physical pleasure more pleasant not only with the partner and in some cases even prolong them.

Such as ejaculation delaying lubricating gel. It uses a numbing substance and makes you a sexual machine with almost endless endurance.

Or make your games special with pleasant aromas and flavors that will penetrate your mind through your senses and shoot you to the orgasmic moon.

A huge advantage of water-based lubricating gels is that they leave no traces, so they are completely discreet and will not make a mess in the bed.

But be careful - water-based lubricating gels dry quickly. During anal sex, it is often necessary to add lubricant. If you like this type of bed games, try silicone lubricating gel.

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