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Anal sex toys for men

Anal games are forbidden for a lot of men, and that's a shame. They rob themselves of experiences in which classic sex is something like a snail on the highway compared to racing on a circuit in supersports. With anal toys for men, you will experience a rodeo made in bed.

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Start with the anal plug and continue with the anal lock until you work your way up to a unique anal dildo experience.

To enjoy the aids to the fullest and without worries, don't forget the anal gels and sprays so that everything slides in and out properly.

Your anal experience can be even more varied with tail plug or beads anal plugs. You will also find various anal jewelry and ornaments here.

The vibrations of anal vibrators add another dimension of feelings.

For those who already have a lot of experience exploring their anus, there are anal tunnels.

Don't forget about hygiene and use an anal shower or enema before your games.


The orgasm you experience when irritating and penetrating the anus is unmatched by any other feeling. The surroundings and the walls of the anal opening are covered with many nerve endings.

When you work deeper into the prostate, you are literally ecstatic. Get ready for anal sex step by step.


Are you groping for anal sex, but only the idea excites you? Maybe a few answers to frequently asked questions will help you get started.


Does anal sex hurt?

It always depends on the person.

Some are repelled only by the idea of ​​anal sex, others cannot imagine their sex life without anal.

It always depends mainly on a gentle approach and proper lubrication.


How to achieve anal orgasm

Penetrating your ass, whether with penis or dildo, is one of the ways you can reach an extraordinary orgasm.

The area around and inside the rectum contains a lot of nerve endings.

Gentlemen love the very popular prostate massage. As this article reveals: Prostate massage provides relief and excitement.


With or without a condom?

Using a condom is not a bad thing at all!

If you have anal sex with a long-term partner in a confidential relationship, you can enjoy it without a condom and without fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you change partners more often, we strongly recommend using a condom during anal sex.

Find out how to wear and use a condom correctly!

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