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How to choose and put on a condom correctly


Condoms are the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

The advantage of condoms is also that they can be combined with other types of contraception, such as pills.

No contraceptive is 100% effective, but there is nothing to worry about when this type of combination is used.

Condoms have no side effects, on the contrary, they can bring you and your dear half a pleasant pleasure.

Some types need to be endowed with the possibility of increasing sensitivity.

With its many benefits, it's no surprise that a lot of individuals put it on before every sexual intercourse.

But what type is best?

What is the least felt and what is the right size?

You will find the answer to all these questions below.


Types of condoms

Condoms have been on the market for some time now, so manufacturers have had the opportunity to bring this type of contraception to a very satisfactory level.

They are made of different types of material.



The most common material you come across when choosing a condom is latex.

It is an effective barrier that is both thin and very flexible.

The only disadvantage of latex is that it does not transfer heat, it can reduce exciting feelings.

It is best to use a water- or silicone-based lubricant on the latex condom.


However, many people are allergic to latex, which is why manufacturers have also come up with polyisoprene or polyurethane products.

Polyurethane is better at heat transfer, so if you appreciate this advantage, reach for this type rather than latex.


In addition to the material, you can choose from a number of different surfaces.

If you come across a condom named scalloped in the store, don't hesitate and reach for it!

Knurled condoms will bring you and your dear half even more pleasure.


Many others are worth trying:

  • flavored condoms,
  • glowing condoms,
  • irritating condoms (thanks to their gel they evoke ant and tingling sensations).


Choosing the right condom size


Unfortunately, condoms are not one size fits all.

According to research, up to 50 percent of users of this type of contraception had problems with tightness, freedom or slipping.

For a pleasant flow of exciting moments, it is necessary to choose the right size.


First you need to measure your penis, in the erect stage.

Use a meter or ruler to measure the length from where the limb attaches to the body to its tip.

Next, measure the circumference of the penis.

In this case, it is necessary to use a tailor's tape or string, wrap it in the widest place.

If you know the size of your penis, choosing the right condom will not be a problem.

When buying, you can follow the table below.


Perimeter of penis  (erected)

Nominal width of condom

Condom type

up to 10 cm

44–48 mm


11–13 cm

48–52 mm


12–14 cm

52–56 mm


over 14 cm

56–60 mm

large, XL


How to put on a condom properly

Using a condom is really easy.

However, it is just as easy to go wrong and skip important steps.

When it comes to storing a condom, keep it in a cool, dry place.

It is a tradition to keep it in your wallet, but be careful.

Heat and friction could damage the condom.


1. Check the quality



Before putting on the condom, gently squeeze it on both sides.

Thanks to this movement, you will make sure that no air escapes.

Therefore, there is no hole in the package that could damage the product.

Next, check the expiration date.

It is also not a good idea to wash your hands before unpacking the condom to completely prevent contamination.


2. Gently remove the condom from the package



To open the condom package, carefully tear it along the corner or edge.

Do not use your nails or scissors to open the package.

Foil packages are easy to tear.


3. Tip up



Check that the tip is in the correct setting upwards.

If it were in the opposite direction, it would not be possible to continue with proper wearing.


4. Slide it down



Place the condom on the tip of the erect penis.

If your partner is not circumcised, first remove his foreskin.

Gently pinch the tip of the condom, make at least little room for subsequent filling with sperm.

Gently pull the rest of the condom down the entire length of the penis, as they say, until it stops.


5. Take off the condom

After ejaculation, it is important to catch the bottom of the condom to prevent fluid leakage.

After capturing the lower part, the penis can be safely removed from the vagina and withdrawn.

Make sure that no liquid flows out and throw the condom in the trash.


Using condoms is easy and safe.

Use them during every sex and you can be sure or confident with your dear half that you will not experience any unpleasant consequences, just pleasant and exciting fun!


Tester & Bloger

Barbora is an artist. Movement, and especially the beautiful one, is her life and livelihood. Her passions also include writing. He writes ticklish stories and articles. Writing in it evokes pleasant and exciting feelings. However, he likes to write reviews of erotic products. In addition to writing, he has the pleasure of testing products. Student at Charles University - in addition to art subjects, she attends journalism and the basics of editorial work.


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How to choose and put on a condom correctly
How to choose and put on a condom correctly

Condoms are a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The advantage is that they can be combined with other types of contraception. Find answers to your condom questions here!

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