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Sex machines

Fucking machines are erotic machines whose task is to imitate a sexual act in a very believable way.

Enjoy unfettered passionate sex full of orgasms, where you decide when to end. The fucking machines pound relentlessly while the women writhe in multiple orgasms. But gentlemen will also find their way here, as they will find realistic masturbators or smoking simulators, such as the great Autoblow 2+ XT blowjob simulator.

What is a fucking machine   How it works    How to choose a fucking machine   FAQ

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What exactly is a fucking machine

You may also know it as a sex machine, fuck machine or sex machine - it is a mechanical device designed to provide sexual stimulation. Its main purpose is to imitate movements that are typical for intercourse or other sexual activities. Machines of this type can vary greatly in both their design and functionality. 

No partner will be enough for you

With fucking machines, you can enjoy sex in all positions, intensities and angles. You decide everything. Just start the machine and the fucking concert begins. Start with slow movements and gradually add up to "fuck me like I'm out of my senses" speed. In addition, some erotic machines boast a repertoire of various thrusting methods and a speed of up to 200 thrusts per minute.

You can control the movements of certain models with your smartphone. Here you will find machines with a solid structure that can withstand all repressed passion, but also comfortable machines with an inflatable bed. If you have a long (and boring) business trip ahead of you, choose a portable fucking machine, for example Rotating G & P-Spot Machine.

How a fucking machine works

A fucking machine is usually electrically powered and equipped with a motorized mechanism that allows for the movement of attached sex toys such as dildos or masturbators. This movement can be adjusted in both speed and intensity, allowing users to personalize their experience.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fucking machine

Creating a fucking machine as a DIY project is theoretically possible, but requires some technical knowledge and skills. It includes designing the mechanical system, ensuring a safe and stable frame, connecting the motor and making sure all parts are properly and securely connected. It is important to remember that safety should always come first, so all potential risks must be considered, including mechanical damage, electrical safety and hygiene.

How to choose the right fucking machine

  1. Design and Size - Fuck machines can vary from compact, portable models to large, complex machines. Some are designed to be discreet and easy to store, while others can be bulky and require more space.

  2. Accessories - many machines are equipped with different types of accessories, such as replaceable dildos or adapters for different types of erotic aids. So think carefully about which accessories would be suitable for you.

  3. Control - most fucking machines have a control panel or remote control to regulate the speed and intensity of movement. Without a remote control, it can be difficult to stop the machine.

When using a fucking machine, it is important to pay attention to safety, correct use and keep the device clean. Fucking machines can provide a unique and intense sexual experience, but it is important to approach them with respect and awareness of all the risks.

In the offer of fucking machines, women, men and couples will find pleasure. For connoisseurs, we offer some of the most powerful fucking sex machines in the world - for example, F-Machine Pro 3. For fucking machines, it is a matter of course that exchangeable dildos and attachments are included.


FAQ - what you might be interested in when buying a fucking machine

  • What are the best selling fucking machines?

    Thanks to the fact that "fucking machines" are quite an expensive erotic toy, they don't fuck like buns. In the year-on-year comparison, it was a lower number of hundreds of units sold.

  • Are fucking machines safe?

    You must realize that this is an electrical device and you must treat it as such:

    1. Read the instructions from the manufacturer in detail.

    2. Follow the instructions in the manual.

    3. Find out how to quickly deactivate / shut down the machine.

    4. Use the remote control (if it is part of the product), the control of the machine will be faster and safer.

  • How to take care of fucking machines?

    It depends on how often you will be using the fucking machine, but it is a must to always wash every used part with soap and warm water after use. Care of the more complex mechanical parts of the fucking machine must always be carried out according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer - the instructions usually contain a section "Instructions and maintenance of the device".

  • How to make a fucking machine?

    Although there are instructions for making your own fucking machines and mashes, in our opinion it is an activity that does not lead to user satisfaction for the most part. Most of the offered fucking machines are sophisticated products with complex electronics that are a guarantee of user satisfaction. All homemade imitations can't even remotely compare to a professional product and can also lead to unpleasant injuries.

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