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Couple Vibrators

You don't have to play with the vibrator alone. When you involve a partner, it will be twice as much fun! First during booting and then when you give him or her a remote control. Enjoy absolute devotion and multiple orgasms when you least expect them. Experience a love in which you are stimulated by both vibrations. One part stimulates the partner in the vagina and the other, the outer part stimulates the clitoris.

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In bed, in the kitchen or in a changing room in the shopping center.

The pair vibrator will release your other half whenever she likes and you have no choice but to bite your lip, close your eyes and try not to scream.

But if you are alone, you can shout as you wish. And that you will have a reason for that.

Pair vibrators provide pleasure in different intensities and rhythms. Their combination will literally bring you into a trance.

Some models are controlled by the included remote control, others by a mobile application. The design is minimalist and guarantees maximum discretion. If you don't, no one will know you're indulging in the best orgasm of your life.

Vibrators irritate both the clitoris and the G-spot, which multiplies your pleasure. And if you introduce a vibrator during sex, it will irritate your partner on the penis.

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