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How to improve erection


In the course of life, many things become more complex and less feasible.

Erection can be one such thing.

This is a completely normal process.


About 40% of men under the age of 40 struggled with erectile problems at some point in their lives.


Given that erection is the result of complex physical and psychological processes, it is not surprising.

If the erections are no longer as firm as they used to be, it does not mean that the person in question is doomed to a less satisfying sex life.

Nowadays, a lot of ways have been found that can solve erection problems!


What is an erection

An erection is a term for hardening of the penis, which occurs when the tissue inside the penis is filled with blood.

It usually causes the penis to enlarge and lift and withdraw from the body.

The erection ends after ejaculation or after a sufficiently long period of time.


Many erections are caused by sexual arousal.

However, sometimes the erection of the penis can occur without any special reason.

An erection can occur even at night when a man is dreaming.

Ejaculation often occurs during this phase of sleep.

Many men are also familiar with morning erections, when they wake up with their erect penis.


Possible causes of an erectile dysfunction



There are really many reasons.

Sometimes it can be a combination of several factors.

The most common include:

  1. age,
  2. lack of sleep,
  3. stress or other mental problems,
  4. smoking,
  5. alcohol,
  6. unhealthy eating,
  7. lack of excercise,
  8. certain types of medication.


There is no reason to worry that erection does not occur due to problems with sexuality, excitement, sufficient masculinity, and the like.


How to improve an erection

It's best to start with the full kernel.

This means an overall improvement in lifestyle, which always brings with it countless pleasant benefits.

Better overall health also means improving the sexual aspect of life.


Plenty of sleep

It is necessary to find enough time to sleep.

Not only will getting enough sleep help with erectile dysfunction, it will also help increase desire and sexual appetite.



Try to include more movement in your daily life.

Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular health, on which the activity of the penis depends.


Less alcohol and cigarettes

In many cases, alcohol reduces cravings and, like smoking, reduces blood flow to the penis.

Smoking results in damage to blood vessels, and since the position of the limb depends on healthy blood flow, these unhealthy habits cannot be combined with a happy sex life.


Stress management

Stress causes hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to drain from the brain.

However, these substances disrupt sex hormones.

This can lead to a decrease in sexual appetite and consequently to erection problems.

The involvement of meditation, relaxation or other stress management techniques is not out of the question in this case.



Less fatty foods

Consumption of high-fat foods increases the chances of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the incidence of heart disease.

The reduction of these foods will really benefit any organism and bring with it many benefits, even in the area that interests us all the most - sex.


Erection support products

It is a modern age!

We are lucky and thanks to that, there are supplements to support erection.

These products that will make the process more pleasant and maybe even faster.

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to consume a dietary supplement that will make the penis stand up in no time.


Before an intimate moment, all you need to do is drink Proerecta SHOT liquid, for example, and you don't have to worry about any erectile dysfunction.

Or would you rather just eat a tablet?

No problem.

Proerecta from the ErosStar offer also offers classic erection tablets, just take one before the exciting action takes place.



Another nice way is to use a penis cream.

Just massage in Largo penis cream or another erection cream for blood circulation.

It will help achieve real hardness, temporary penis enlargement and prolonged erections.


Tester & Blogger

Barbora is an artist. Movement, and especially the beautiful one, is her life and livelihood. Her passions also include writing. He writes ticklish stories and articles. Writing in it evokes pleasant and exciting feelings. However, he likes to write reviews of erotic products. In addition to writing, he has the pleasure of testing products. Student at Charles University - in addition to art subjects, she attends journalism and the basics of editorial work.


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