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Fleshlight Flight Commander: Takes you to places you've never been before

Fleshlight presents itself as the number one among masturbators and artificial vaginas for men. And no wonder. The iconic flashlight is the first thing that comes to mind for each of us who has to imagine a sex tool. How is Commander by Fleshlight?

Plastic packaging in a smaller travel version, offers everything you want. The line of products is called Flight and includes 3 important masturbators: Pilot, Aviator and Commander.

Let's try the Commander type

Fleshlight is packaged in a blue box, which already foreshadows what the toy itself will look like.

Inside the package you will also find a sample of the water-based lubricating gel.

Attention! Do not use silicone-based lubricating gels on this type of material. They could destroy the whole toy.

In the package leaflet you will find a number of other products of the brand and a gold card with a QR code where you can sign up for the newsletter.

The Commander masturbator itself surprised me with its size at first glance. The total length is 19 cm and the circumference is impossible to grasp the whole package in one hand.

Detailed description of the appearance of the Fleshlight Commander masturbator

The body lamp can be seen in all its icy blue beauty through the translucent plastic cover. It has two holes with screw caps.

The cylindrical shape widens slightly at the top and here I unscrew the first thread. The bottom is the only part that protrudes from the masturbator.

The silicone is very pleasant to the touch and now I understand the name SuperSkin better. The material does not contain phthalates or latex, so it is suitable for a really wide range of customers and allergy sufferers.

Although the outer part is very abstract, it evokes lips in me. It is soft and reversible. The meaty entrance to the fleshlight ensures easy penetration, thereby avoiding any unpleasant contact with the plastic packaging.

However, the protruding part is only on one side. First, I felt the masturbator with my fingers to know what I was going to get my subjects into.

The first part of the inner wall is very similar, even identical to the vagina. Wrinkling of the walls around the entire perimeter of the first half in combination with "super leather" and also the spaciousness of the product will ensure the feeling of the tightest vagina in your life.

In the middle you will meet the second penetration into an even narrower part. At first, the sensation is very comparable to an anal opening. I'm still only two fingers into the toy and I'm a little worried about how much it will stretch when inserting the penis.

Into action with an artificial vagina!

Tester #1

I open the toy in the "mouth" part and pour the enclosed lubricant inside. To check if the toy is really lubricated all the way through, I check the inside with my fingers. After inserting the penis, the negative pressure is so strong that we have to open the back hole for better air circulation.

Yes, checking the lube inside was a completely unnecessary step that makes my hands slippery and I am unable to open the other end of the masturbator. I make mistakes so you don't have to.

My subject has a medium sized penis but believes he has never been in a tighter vagina. The middle transition to the narrow part was the most intense but still enjoyable, overall the experience was very satisfying.

Tester #2

For an objective assessment, it is necessary to try the product on different sizes.

Although the product description says it is for a small to medium penis, we tested it on a thicker penis.

Even with both ends open, the Fleshlight was not at all comfortable to fully insert. The only option was to gently irritate the glans with the outer part.

Fleshlight: The best masturbator for men

The protruding part fits securely to the body, but at the same time dirt and hair do not get caught on the Super Skin surface.

The transparent cover shows everything that happens inside, and two holes allow you to change the intensity of the internal vacuum.

After playing, the masturbator can be easily removed from the plastic packaging, turned inside out and simply washed under running water. Once completely dry, simply put it back on and close.

The Fleshlight Flight Commander is definitely a sex toy that fits in the hands of any man with a penis, as well as in couples where there is at least one penis.

Be prepared for the initial feeling of cold Super Skin, which gradually warms up. However, you can prepare it in advance by pouring warm water inside it.

Can't wait for your first toe-curling penetration already?

Author name
BDSM and shibari specialist

Slovak woman living in Brno, dedicated to Japanese culture and gastronomy for a decade. She has been actively involved in BDSM and Shibari for 4 years as both a model and a rigger. In his free time, he also deals with the topic of points of positivity and its connection with shibari.

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