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Partnership harmony, board game deepening love

A harmonious and loving relationship is not a matter of course, it needs to be worked on daily. Partner cooperation is a novelty that advances board games and their meaning. It does not create opponents because only both players can win together.

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98,40 €
  • Partnership agreement is a game unique in its playing time
  • It can change your life
  • You can easily incorporate it into your everyday life
  • He will accompany you with inspiring tasks and ideas
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Partnership harmony, board game deepening love

A board game for partners, spouses, lovers and family that will help you spice up your relationship with the joy of the moments spent together and passion and deepen mutual love.

Partner cooperation is a game unique in its playing time and artistic rendering. And if you persevere - it can change your life. ♥

You can easily incorporate it into your everyday life. You will play it for at least a week, and the whole time you will be accompanied by inspiring tasks and ideas on how to bring a new charge to your relationship with a loved one and drive away the shadow of a stereotype.

The game includes:

  • An artistically rendered game board (the picture can be hung on the wall and is also a magnet),
  • Playing pieces that together form a heart,
  • A wooden chest,
  • Task cards,
  • Blank cards for your own tasks,
  • Alcohol fix,
  • Rules of the game,
  • Self-adhesive holder for hanging the game board.

The goal of the game is to complete individual tasks – together or separately – gradually go through the playing field, and ultimately connect both figures and thus your hearts into one whole.

Every couple is unique and has their own desires and wishes. Therefore, inside the game you will also find blank cards that allow you to mark your own tasks for yourself and your partner so that the experience and the game effectively support your relationship.

The game will bring into your life fresh ideas and instructions on how to listen and play in a relationship. It will help you pay regular attention to each other and fulfill your wishes.

Thanks to this, the game will guide you on the path of deepening trust and returning or developing the magic of attraction that you felt at the very beginning of the relationship.

It will teach you how to care for love naturally and in a fun way in a relationship and in the family.

You choose the pace of the game yourself. Give yourself enough time for everything and enjoy your tasks and moments with your counterpart/teammate.

We believe that the game will become a useful guide and creative helper in your life.


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