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PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs

Product code:300046
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11,26 €
PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs
PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs
PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs
PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs
PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs
PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs

Discreet vibrator in panties PantyReel Vibrating Briefs. The vibrator and panties form a fun set that will give you an orgasm all day long. Remote controlled. 12 vibration programs. Your body will fall in love with silky soft silicone. More informations

62,93 € 51,67 €
  • Discreet vibrator for panties
  • Strong vibrations - a choice of 12 entertainment programs
  • Orgasm anytime, anywhere
  • Included elastic panties in one-size size
  • Convenient remote control
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts a long time
  • Waterproof - withstands your stormy cumshots
  • The panties are comfortable - you can enjoy the vibes all day long
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PantyRebel Vibrating Briefs

You walk through the mall and out of nowhere you feel a flood of vibrations in your panties.

You turn quickly and see that grateful look laughing at you.

Your knees break from pleasure, you squeeze your skirt tightly, because all you need is a little.

Crowds of people flow around you who have no idea. Sometimes someone stares at you with interest, but then they move on.

Little does he know that you had the best orgasm a few seconds ago.


PantyRebel panty vibrator. What more you need to know.

It is a set for naughty women who can enjoy life, anywhere.

If you don't mind the feeling of soaked panties from your own orgasms, then don't hesitate.


The vibrator is a design piece that can make you a nice vibrating storm.

It is inserted into the included panties, in which a pocket is prepared for the vibrator.

So that you don't have to reach into your pants every few minutes to change your vibrations (it wouldn't be in public who knows how discreet), the vibrator is equipped with a unique remote control.

A few squeezes and you'll be in seventh heaven!


Stormy vibrations

Although it may not seem at first glance, the vibrator for PantyRebel panties has power.

It offers 12 playful modes, strong vibrations and even a remote control.

In addition, a well-thought-out design helps to stimulate you.

The surface copies the shape of the ripple, which fits perfectly to your labia.

All vibrations that act directly on the clitoris are then directed into the small hill.

Surely you can imagine what the ride will be like!



You will have nothing to complain about.

The vibrator is made of silicone, which is as soft as a baby's ass.

It is 100% safe, does not contain phthalates.


The panties are 90% made of polyamide.

The remaining 10% are elastane fibers, which make them comfortable in all circumstances.

However, they should not be ironed or bleached.



It is not at all difficult to take care of turning on the vibrator.

There is only one button on the vibrator. By holding it down, it turns on and off.

When switched on, the vibrator starts vibrating immediately.


You also have two more buttons on the remote control.

The wheel button toggles between the 12 vibration modes.

Two vertical bars indicate a pause - this button pauses the vibrator.


If you'd rather turn on the vibrator right in your panties or rather in your hand, it's up to you.

Just make sure you can control yourself when you feel it!


Power supply

The vibrator is rechargeable.

The package includes a magnetic USB cable, which is used to charge it.

Rechargeable batteries will provide you with long fun moments.



The product is packed in a nice designer box.

You will receive the following things:

  • PantyRebel panty vibrator
  • One-size panties (size 34-40)
  • Remote control


Product specifications

  • Color:black
  • Material:medical silicone (vibrator), 90% polyamide + 10% elastane (panties)
  • Weight:98 grams
  • Panties size:one-size (universal S - L, 34 - 40)
  • Cut panties:Tight fit
  • Vibrator dimensions:9 x 4 x 5 cm (length x height x width)
  • Vibration:yes (12 programs)
  • Ovládání:remote control
  • Power supply:rechargeable battery (included magnetic USB cable)
  • Shape:mimics the shape of the vagina, the protruding mound stimulates the clitoris
  • Surface:silky soft, pleasant to the touch
  • Usage:the vibrator is placed in a pocket in panties that can be worn all day
  • Stimulation:vibration on the clitoris
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Lubrication:we recommend using water-based gels
  • Properties:discreet, strong vibrations, comfortable to wear

Product properties

  • For whom:for experienced, for women, for beginners, for demanding, for lesbians
  • Stimulation:clitoris, vagina
  • Properties:vibration, vaginal, stimulating, special, specifically for women, sets, remote control, luxury, shiny, extra strong vibrations, elastic, multifunctional, multiple modes, water resistant, stimulating bumps, with ornaments
  • Power supply:rechargeable
  • Hardness of material:stronger

More informations

  • Product code:300046
  • EAN:8719934000902
  • Manufacturer:Pantyrebel

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