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How about first sex

If you're getting ready for your first time, there are a lot of things going through your mind. You may be wondering if it might hurt. Keep reading and you will learn everything you need or good to know before you have your first sex.


If you're getting ready for your first time, there are a lot of things going through your mind.

You may be wondering if it will hurt or if your body will change in any way after such an experience.

Keep reading and you will learn everything you need or good to know before you have your first sex.


Sex and consent

Don't be forced into anything, the decision on when and how you want to experience your first sex is mainly up to you.


Does first sex hurt?

Sex can be compared to a very pleasant way of exercising.

Your body may change during this activity.

For example, your area of intimate parts may grow.

No need to worry about everyone, it's just your genitals that are circulating.

Thanks to that, they are sensitive and you have the opportunity to experience even more pleasant satisfaction.

Once it is after love, you can be sure or sure that your body will return to normal.


Most women are born with a hymen, which is a membrane that is located inside the vagina.

During the first sexual intercourse, it may stretch and rupture, which may or may not cause bleeding.

Each evaluates this experience in a different way.

Some experience this slightly, others do not.

It depends on many aspects such as the position you are in or the size of your penis and the strength of your partner.


However, according to surveys and interviews conducted with many individuals, most did not consider first sex to be painful.


All you have to do is relax, calm down, focus your attention on your body and enjoy this special moment.


How to prepare for the first sex?

The first sex can occur completely spontaneously.

It is not always possible to plan everything.

However, if you are among the lucky ones who have the opportunity to prepare for this experience, there are a few things that are worth thinking about.


1. Use a condom


Safety first!

Consider ways to ensure a completely safe course of sex.

Unprotected sex can result in the transmission of infection.

Reach for a condom and you can be sure that no venereal disease will be transmitted.

Among other things, if the condom is used correctly, fertilization and unwanted pregnancy will not occur.


2. Whoever lubricates, goes


If you want to be really sure that you will not feel pain from unpleasant friction, for example, use a lubricant, which will help a lot during penetration and ensure a slippery and pleasant course of love games.


3. Mood


If you want to remember your first time as a beautiful and unforgettable experience, think of the environment and setting.

Make sure you can be in a quiet and cozy place.

Light a few candles, you can play pleasant music, it is important that you feel a positive atmosphere in the air.


How about first sex

Foreplay is something that should not be forgotten during the first sex.

Often couples try straight to penetrate and experience that penetration as soon as possible.

However, foreplay is very important because it leads the body to excitement, which then helps a lot when penetrating.

Research suggests that, among other things, it helps to reach orgasm.

So don't skip this important part, enjoy every moment that will make you hot.


For the first time, there is no need to try any extreme positions or try to imitate the sex that can be seen in porn.

Try positions that come natural to you, in which your bodies get completely spontaneously based on your pleasures.

Don't stay in positions that are uncomfortable for you.

Communicate with your dear half, tell her what you enjoy and what is less.

Let her know what attracts you, give in to temptation and a special moment.

Don't be disappointed or disappointed when there is no orgasm.

For the first time, this may not happen immediately.

The more you want to train and try again.

Soon an irresistible climax will surely come.



Keep your first anal sex for later

No need to try everything for the first time.

First, try to focus on only one aspect, the penetration of the vagina.

Once you become more capable, confident and relaxed in it, you can move on and try new things.

There is no place to hurry, and even the first anal sex is an experience that needs to be prepared for.


Tester & Blogger

Barbora is an artist. Movement, and especially the beautiful one, is her life and livelihood. Her passions also include writing. He writes ticklish stories and articles. Writing in it evokes pleasant and exciting feelings. However, he likes to write reviews of erotic products. In addition to writing, he has the pleasure of testing products. Student at Charles University - in addition to art subjects, she attends journalism and the basics of editorial work.


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