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ErosStar moves on... What will 2021 bring?


We are changing

It is time to change the design and communication style of our brand.

The goals are clear.

Wake up old (and former) customers and encourage them to return.

Assure existing clients that they are always at the forefront of offer and quality with us.

At the same time arouse the interest of new, future customers.


That's why we hired top professionals to help us formulate exactly what we feel inside, what we talk about at meetings, what we dream about, and turn it into a real form.


More playfulness, less shyness

Although we realize that our product focus includes "passion", "nightlife", "pleasures", we decided to go differently.

Much more emphasis on playfulness and side, positive effects of erotic aids or film inspirations.


To be perceived as something that has always belonged to human nature.

After all, for example, the oldest artificial penises for women date back to the Bronze Age!


We would like our customers not to be ashamed and not afraid to cross the threshold of our store or order something in our e-shop.


Getting the most out of your sexuality is one of the basic needs and fulfillment of a person, see Maslow's pyramid....


Star in the EROS STAR logo

The playfulness, lightness and at the same time the connection of the graphic symbol to the brand name is expressed by the "star".



We refer to all - Those who see only a penis and breasts in this symbol have the highest time to buy or order something from us!

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ErosStar moves on... What will 2021 bring?
ErosStar moves on... What will 2021 bring?

It's time to move on! ErosStar is changing in 2021 ... For better, more playful, more fun. Changes await us, even you, our valuable customer. We will not tell you everything right away, but you can look forward to pleasant news during the year!

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