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Autoblow A.I. Machine, masturbator with artificial intelligence

Autoblow A.I. Machine - satisfaction driven by artificial intelligence. The masturbator for men offers 10 programs with 10 speed settings. The core is an all-metal engine with a 500+ hour life. Mains power supply. Simple control.

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259,96 €
239,80 €
  • Satisfying entertainment powered by artificial intelligence
  • Many combinations - 10 modes and 10 speeds
  • All metal engine
  • Quality of mechanisms
  • Simple control
  • 1 special mode fully under the control of artificial intelligence
  • 50% quieter and 3x stronger engine
  • Plug in required
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Autoblow A.I. Machine, masturbator with artificial intelligence

Enjoy a blowjob in 10 different ways - artificial intelligence experiences with Autoblow A.I. Machine.

This magic widget is programmed to give you a blowjob using as many real techniques as possible. Autoblow A.I. You just put the machine on and let it work nicely.

Quality and operation

No batteries and no charge at all. So what? As the masturbator for men Autoblow A.I. The machine uses a very powerful engine, so it needs a lot of juice to drive it. Masturbator is therefore connected to the electrical socket (110-240V). The redesigned engine is 50% quieter than its predecessor and even 3 times more powerful!

The engine used is an industrial leader. Transmitted, all-metal, made for hard work. Metal Motor Autoblow A.I. The machine is designed to withstand over 500 hours of operation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - the heart of masturbator Autoblow A.I. Machine

The heart, or rather the head, of the Autoblow A.I. Machine is a trained artificial intelligence. Her understanding has been specially adapted to create the most natural feel of a blowjob. It replicates true techniques from the real world.


In a word - simple. The four buttons have a clear function and cannot be confused.

The upper button (pause) is used for so-called EDGE CONTROL. Pressing the button will stop the run until you wish again. This feature on Autoblow A.I. Use the machine just before the climax. By regularly delaying your orgasm (edging), you build up better sexual stamina and a more powerful blowjob.

A pair of buttons + and - follows. With them you can choose the speed of the currently selected program. The selected speed is also reflected on the green illuminated ruler.

The last button on the Autoblow A.I. Machine will give your true pleasure. You can choose from 10 programs that artificial intelligence has learned! More about individual programs below.

To enjoy all this, masturbator Autoblow A.I. Machine one switch. Just put the silver ON / OFF switch in the ON position and the ride can begin.

Autoblow A.I. Machine | ErosStar.cz

Masturbation programs

Autoblow A.I. The machine offers a choice of 10 masturbation modes. These can be further adjusted by selecting the speed.

Full stroke

In this mode, the masturbator works in the basic program. The irritation is performed over the entire length at a constant speed

Intense Edge

Autoblow A.I. Machine helps you build sexual stamina. Stimulates 3 seconds periodically and then stops for 1-2 seconds. This builds stamina and a stronger, better orgasm.

Fast Edge

Full 15 seconds of continuous masturbation and then a 2 second pause before the process repeats

Teasing Slow Stroke

Irritating Slow Motion - Autoblow A.I. The machine brings 2 full moves followed by a one-second pause. The technique imitates the irritation used in the right blowjob.

Top Stroke

Regimen irritating the upper third of the penis. Autoblow A.I. Men with shorter penis will enjoy the machine with this mode.

Bottom Stroke

Mode massages the bulk of the bottom of the masturbator - in other words, the tip of the penis. If a man has a relatively long penis, he will only irritate his tip.

Top & Bottom Stroke

Combination of the previous two modes. Autoblow A.I. The machine switches between positions after several irritations.

Masterstroke 1

The first of the expanded options that the fucking machine for men Autoblow A.I. Machine offers. The penis massage combines all the long movements together with the upper and lower irritations. This creates a balanced ratio and sensation of genuine penis smoking.

Masterstroke 2

Improved previous mode. In addition, it adds variable time intervals between feelings.

Full A.I. Experience

This blowjob is the crowning badge of the Autoblow A.I. Machine. Every time you start mode, you get a whole new feeling. The masturbator decides about the following. It combines the best of its learned techniques into an unforgettable blowjob. Autoblow A.I. The machine regulates the speed and duration of irritation - always offers something new.

You could see at:

Autoblow A.I. Machine | ErosStar.cz


Men's Masturbator Autoblow A.I. The machine uses 3 main materials - silicone, plastic and metal. You can find the plastic on the packaging. It is made of a whole crust for which the masturbator holds. The surface is glossy, yet does not slip and fits well in your hand.

Metal is used for the entire internal mechanism. The metal motor has a longer life and the mechanism can withstand it more.

Silicone uses Autoblow A.I. Machine on realistic liner. It is soft, flexible and very supple. It leaves the most natural feeling. The silicone used is harmless to health, safe for contact with human skin. Phthalate-free.

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