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Do you already know or desire explosions of pleasure with a womanizer?

This thing surpasses your imagination.

The story of the womanizer started in 2014 in Bavaria. Entrepreneur Michael Lenke and his wife were bored with the outdated offer of sex toys. In addition, studies have found that more than half of women have difficulty reaching orgasm. Lenke has embarked on the development of a toy that will change it and irritate the clitoris without touching it. This intense climax will awaken completely new feelings in your body. Lenke's neighbors know about it, too, because Michael tested prototypes on his wife, Brigitte.

Womanizer gently sucks on the clitoris and uses pulsating pressure waves to stimulate it without contact, as if the very god of love, Eros, was touching you. Thanks to this vacuum symphony, you will experience a concert that culminates in violent orgasms. Sometimes even multiple times!

In short, such an ode to orgasm.

Experience this delightful shake and choose different models - Inconspicuous and compact Womanizer Liberty or for example Womanizer Premium with autopilot and sexy look. And experience the best of both worlds with Womanizer DUO! This clever partner will take care of your clit and G-spot.


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